Connection, Communication, and Intimacy Among Strangers

By Caroline M. Cole A yeshiva student with his hand on the wrist of a fish market worker, who’s touching the student’s shoulder. A young African-American male wearing a yellow bandana and baggy clothes clutching a Caucasian bride. A towering … Continue reading

The Best Advice You Can Offer

By Caroline M. Cole It can be a commencement speech. Perhaps a greeting card sentiment or yearbook inscription. Maybe it’s a banquet toast. Possibly it’s an informal conversation in the kitchenette or around the photocopier at work. It can even … Continue reading

Complaints that Make Resolutions Possible, and Ideal

By Caroline M. Cole If you’ve ever shopped in a store, ordered something online, eaten in a restaurant, or contracted someone for a short-or long-term project, chances are you’ve had an experience that has fallen short of what you needed … Continue reading