Early, Prompt, Fashionably Late, or Rude? Punctuality as a (Slippery) Virtue

By Caroline M. Cole Colleagues walking into a meeting mid-discussion. Classmates strolling into a lecture in progress. Patrons looking for a seat once the movie or performance has begun. Patients checking in after scheduled appointments. Guests showing up as others … Continue reading

The Art of Introduction

By Caroline M. Cole Poking others on Facebook and sending connect invites on LinkedIn, we have more opportunities to extend our social and professional networks. Yet while connections and interactions increasingly take place online, there are times we need to … Continue reading

“No, really. After You…”: The Door-Opening Ritual

By Caroline M. Cole In 1983 Marilyn Frye, professor of philosophy and feminist theories, published an essay in which she examines the use and misuse of the word “oppression.” Drawing examples primarily from male and female interactions, Frye examines what, … Continue reading

Addicted to Devices, and the Messages We Transmit

By Caroline M. Cole Appearing in the 1965 Time-Life publication Early Man, a Rudolph Zallinger illustration depicts 15 figures walking from left to right, ordered to suggest the evolutionary path of ape-like beings to Homo sapiens. The March of Progress, … Continue reading