Proficiency in written and oral communication is essential to meeting professional goals, yet few employees have received formal training in business communication. The result: uncertainty, anxiety, and even the occasional communication faux pas.

Ethos Professional Communication believes that effective and appropriate communication strategies are learned; we may think we are “natural” speakers or writers, but any natural ability can be enhanced through active, explicit direction. In addition to products and seminars, Ethos offers consulting services to help individuals and organizations present their ideas, products, services, and even themselves in the most accurate, authentic manner. These services include:

    • Custom and semi-custom seminars for employee development and training
    • Curriculum development and design
    • Strategic planning for short- and long-term communication models
    • One-on-one consultations

Regardless of the particular service, Ethos advocates frameworks of effective communication that can help individuals and organizations reach their target audience with greater confidence, authority, and efficiency. By promoting integrity-based communication strategies that value all participants, Ethos aims to expand views of communication and, by extension, ways of conducting business.

To discuss services to help you achieve your communication goals, please contact Ethos Professional Communication.