How to Write Memos, Letters & Emails that Work: A Crash Course in Workplace Writing

If you spend a lot of time writing on the job, this class can help you increase the success of your messages. Whether you’re entering the workforce, between positions, or simply wanting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your documents, this four-part workshop offers a crash course in the most critical elements of workplace writing. The class will offer strategies to help you:

    • overcome procrastination in writing memos, letters, and emails,
    • organize information in ways that gain the reader’s attention, support and respect,
    • anticipate, consider, and respond to an audience’s questions and concerns,
    • address objections and resistance, decline suggestions, deliver bad news, and diffuse negative comments in a diplomatic, professional manner,
    • convey information clearly, concisely, and precisely,
    • format documents to enhance your message’s reception,
    • build trust and strengthen rapport among all participants, and
    • develop a writing style that both fits your personality and ensures accurate, effective, and professional communication.

By learning and practicing little-known strategies in a supportive, fun and risk-free environment, you’ll learn techniques you can apply immediately, helping you save time, gain confidence, and get the results you want with the messages you write.

This class is not a course in grammar; it assumes proficiency with written English.

Upcoming Sessions:

Sessions in development

Sessions will run at the

City of El Cerrito’s Castro Clubhouse
1420 Norvell
El Cerrito, CA  94530

Registration required through the El Cerrito Community Center. For details and registration, visit and click on “Recreation Brochure” link, or call (510) 559-7000.