Founded in 2004, Ethos Professional Communication values, teaches, and advocates integrity-based communication that values all participants.

Ethos Professional Communication maintains that proficiency in written and oral communication is essential to meeting professional goals and that effective and appropriate communication strategies are learned; we may think we are “natural” speakers or writers, but any natural ability can be enhanced through active, explicit direction.

Recognizing the benefits of long-term, mutually rewarding interactions for all participants, Ethos offers products and services to help individuals and organizations learn, practice, and refine effective workplace communication strategies. Along the way, Ethos:

    • advocates purpose-, audience- and context-specific communication strategies and techniques, rather than overgeneralized, prescriptive lists that suggest one method or approach fits all interactions.
    • values and advocates unequivocal excellence, responsibility, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of the company.
    • promotes profit from work that contributes to, enhances, and advances present and future generations.
    • encourages on-going (re)assessment and contemplation to ensure offerings that are consistent with its core values.

In working toward these goals, Ethos aims to expand views of communication and, by extension, ways of conducting business.